Whitelist support

Clapf does maintain an internal (and dymanic) whitelist. If you have a partner sending you lots of good emails, then his email address will be in the ham dictinary, ie. his email address is associated with good emails. Then if he starts sending spam later, then his email address will be no longer on the good side, thus dropped from the automatic whitelist.

Additionally, if someone has sent you at least 10 good emails and 0 spam, then his email is automatically considered as ham without further processing.

However clapf also supports another (and less intelligent) whitelist that you can specify in the gui. If the sender is on the whitelist, then no spam check is performed (except blackhole/minefield), and clapf will return 0.5 as the spamicity value.

Then your users may set their own whitelist after logging in the web UI.